How does it work?

Scraped manure or dewatered flush manure, is fed directly into an EYS Separator specially designed by DariTech to provide the ideal feedstock for the BeddingMaster, which is made up of manure solids at 35% dry matter. 

The separated solids are fed into the BeddingMaster by passing through the fixed opening in the entry end. DariTech's stationary ends that do not rotate with the drum increase throughput by over 50%, resulting in more bedding for less money. This is an idea we can all get behind.

The beauty of composting manure solids is that the aerobic bacteria which consume the organic matter are already in the solids, courtesy of the dairies’ cows. Once inside the BeddingMaster, the bugs proliferate as they finish the job begun in the cows’ stomachs. A blower pulls air through the drum, ensuring an ample air supply, which mixes with the solids that are tumbling from the rotation of the drum. Within just a few hours, the activity of the bacteria has brought the temperature to over 150°F where it stays as the material moves through the drum like a plug.