Research has indicated that cows spend an average daily resting time of 15 hrs in pasture, however, when confined to a barn that resting time is significantly less. The Pasture Mat recreates the characteristics of a pasture therefore increasing the amount of rest time.

The difference is due to the surface the cow lays on. Installation of the Pasture Mat system provides ideal indoor surfaces needed for the cows’ comfort.

There are 3 main reasons why installing the Pasture Mat system is a good choice for you and your cows.

1. Cow Comfort

  • A comfortable cow is a healthy, productive, stress free animal.
  • Pasture Mat provides a resilient stall surface that mimics nature. 
  • Pasture Mat provides a firm, but soft footing with no pillowing inwards. This is an ideal surface for bedding materials. 
  • Pasture Mat takes into account a vital fact of cow physiology: the free fall. In the process of lying down, a cow actually freefalls the last 10-12 inches. As you can imagine, the impact of a 1500 pound animal on a hard concrete floor is considerable. Pasture Mat is shock absorbent and will greatly reduce the risk of injury. 

2. Durability

  • Pasture Mat is a patented design using multiple cells. These cells are filled with uniform sized rubber crumb . The Pasture Mat is protected by a durable top covering. 
  • There are three top covers to choose from: the CS Wax Coated top cover (fabric based, and impregnated with wax to allow breathability); VRC cover (vulcanized rubber coating); and the Heifer cover (specifically designed for the needs of Heifers). 
  • Each component of Pasture Mat is the result of observation and study based on various farms throughout the world. 
  • Each Pasture Mat is manufactured with quality and integrity, guaranteeing superior performance.

3. Reduced Costs

  • The Pasture Mat system can be installed quickly and easily. Pasture Mat can be installed directly on your existing concrete floors, saving you time and money.
  • The patented design means there is less bedding material needed. Research has shown that Pasture Mat is the equivalent of 3 or more inches of bedding. This allows the small amount of bedding used to be a hygienic component and not a comfort component. 
  • Pasture Mat retains the original shape allowing for easy clean up and maintenance.  Strong, durable, and easy to maintain, Pasture Mat absorbs the shock repeated impacts and eliminates the risk of injury.