DCC Waterbeds offer a long-lasting, comfortable, low-maintenance solution to a dairy management challenge - consistent cow comfort.

Water is a forgiving surface that supports the cow, but will not pack down. The beds gently float the cow's pressure points - knees, hocks, and udder - while shedding moisture and helping keep bacteria levels low. 

Every time a cow leaves a DCC Waterbed, the bed immediately returns to its original shape, ensuring a custom fit for every cow, every time.

Cows like a comfortable surface. Cows like predictability. DCC Waterbeds provide both - every minute of every day. With DCC Waterbeds, you will have peace of mind knowing your cows are comfortable, dry, clean, and cool.

Benefits of DCC Waterbeds

  • Prevent swollen hocks
  • Increase lying times
  • Provide consistent, dry bedding
  • Lower somatic cell count
  • Help eliminate mastitis
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smart Investment
  • Long life expectancy
  • Compatible with technology

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